How We Do It


We start by listening.  Because we believe that every program and community is distinctive and unique, we want to hear from you: what are your needs; what are your challenges; how much money do you need; are you satisfied with your current fundraising events; what are you doing to reach out to more donors each year and ultimately, how do you recognize your donors?  If you don’t know all the answers, that’s ok; we’ll make it easy for you.

After listening to you, we will  put a comprehensive program in place that will grow your resources: donors, volunteers, fans and income.  We do the work.

An early priority is developing case statement: why do you need more money?  Perhaps it’s for equipment, travel, meals, facilities, coaching clinics or scholarships.  Whatever the reasons, we will develop your “case for need” statement and make it into a compassionate plea that will be easily conveyed to potential donors.

Next, using state of the art software, we will identify those individuals already associated with your program that are  high level donor prospects ($1,000+).   Once we’ve identified these potential donors we will work out a strategy to solicit these individuals together.  Victory Formation Fundraising never makes a solicitation without a coach or booster club member at the meeting.  And don’t worry:  we know most people don’t like asking for money, so when the opportunity is right, we do the asking for you.

We will also help you build your data base.  It’s important to know year in and year out, who is financially supporting your teams.  Since our programs also work in cooperation with your other fundraising events, your donor’s contact information can be collected and added to the data base each year.  Now, you never lose track of your previous donors.  This collected information is extremely useful down the road when our mail out campaign is implemented, generally in year two or three.

Finally, we can help you set up a donor giving club with easy ways to publicly recognize your donors, creating an exciting environment where others will feel compelled to join.  You most likely already have a recognition program in place and our ideas will easily compliment and enhance those programs.